5 Signs You and Your Kiddo Are Ready for Potty Training

Ok, so lets talk potty training. This was something that always terrified me as a parent but honestly, it’s a pretty awesome experience.

You’re probably scratching your head at this right now and thinking ehhhhh. But seriously it is. This is the first time your toddler learns to do something that is completely independent from you and it’s a sign they’re becoming a big kid.

Having potty trained my three children, I’ve learned a few things.

For starters, it’s not that bad. I promise! We’ve all heard horror stories but as long as your kid is ready (and you are too), it should be totally achievable. Having the right frame of mind is half the battle. Another important aspect of potty training, is the timing. Too soon or too late and it can totally affect the process. You’ve got to be on the lookout for the signs, starting at around 20 months.

I’ve wrote another blog on potty training explaining my favorite book, Oh Crap! Potty Training and I highly recommend purchasing that book. After a few failed attempts at potty training, this book saved my life and made potty training effortless. And I’ve used the concept for all three of my children though I have made some modifications for my family. Still, a great read if you’re feeling lost about the process.

Signs Your Kid Is Ready

  1. They wake up dry from naps or have a dry diaper for a couple hours.
  2. They tell you they’ve got to go to the bathroom. Whether it’s #1 or #2, if they’re aware they need to and can communicate that to you, that’s huge.
  3. They prefer to hide or retreat to a certain spot in the house for #2.
  4. They ask to use the big potty, as in mom or dad’s potty.
  5. They complain about dirty diapers.
  6. Isn’t afraid of the big toilet and how it flushes.
  7. They can pull her pants up and down (get themselves dressed).

Things To Know 

  1. Accidents outside the home are normal. Accidents happen, that’s why they’re called accidents. I’ve only had a couple of accidents between my daughters and son and I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t react the best. I was frustrated when it happened and it was bad on my part. So don’t get upset, because this is part of the process. Nobody wants to sh*t their pants- toddlers included.
  2. Always keep an extra pair of undies and bottoms in your car. Just in case. You never know what’s going to happen and believe me it’s better to be safe than sorry in this scenario.
  3. I don’t care if your kid went pee 10 minutes ago and they say they’re fine, you make them go potty before they leave the house. Every. Single. Time!
  4. Keep a portable potty in your car. Thankfully I have a SUV so I’ve always kept a small potty chair in my trunk and if someone has to pee, I lay a diaper down and let them pee on that. It may be weird but sometimes, it’s hard getting to the bathroom with 3 kids. And depending if I’m at the park or the beach, or if the bathrooms gross me out, the car is just easier.
  5. Remember, just because your child is potty trained, you’re going to want to wipe them. Whether it’s #1 or #2, if things aren’t kept clean, they can get rashes which can become uncomfortable, obvi.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find potty training that challenging.

I know A LOT of people who believe potty training was not only a challenge for them but also their child. And that makes me think, why? Who wasn’t ready? You? Your toddler? Did you want your child to be ready because you thought it was time? Or were people around you (your mother or mother-in-law) pressuring you? Because I’ve been there.

That’s the thing about potty training, your child has to be mentally ready. It’s all fine and dandy to want to potty train your child and say goodbye to diapers, but if your toddler isn’t ready for it, you’ll probably struggle with the process and endure accidents. It’s just like how some babies walk at 9 months and others at 13 months. I speak from experience on that one too. Some kids are ready earlier and others later so keep that in mind and good luck!


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