About Me

Hey there! I’m Rhiannon, I’m a wife, mom, and lifestyle blogger.

Born and raised in Southern California- I could never handle any other weather. I need sunshine. Anyways, I started Some Kinda Mama to share my motherhood experiences along with things I’m learning along the way. Motherhood is no joke so I’ll do my best to keep it real with ya’.

A little bit about me- I’m a SAHM of three toddlers and married to my high school sweet heart. All three of my kiddos were born within three years and all were separate pregnancies. Some days are magical and other days I feel like a total nut. I pretty much live in jeggings or leggings, like every day. Mom life, am I right?

I’d love too tell you what my hobbies are but since having kids, alone time is practically nonexistent. In the itty bitty spare time I do have, I escape to the gym. I try to keep it healthy during the week, so I can indulge in burritos and French fries on the weekend.


  • the 90s
  • Hallmark channel
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • good manners
  • comfortable shoes


  • being late
  • strong scents
  • Starbucks
  • paying full price for anything
  • artificial food coloring

Grab some cookies or coffee, and stay awhile!



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