Dealing With Rude Kids At The Park

I’m that annoying mom at the park and I’m 100% ok with it.

You’ll probably find me hovering or following my kids around the park. I’m not riding the slides with them, but I never leisurely sit and watch my kids from afar.

Why do I this? Like any parent, I have my reasons. First, my kids are still in that toddler phase and I’m trying to avoid injuries. Secondly, I watch how other kids interact with my children. Because some kids are just little jerks. Yeah, I said it.

toddler at the park

What is it about parks that brings out the ugly side of kids?

I’ve seen kids use their bodies to block slides. I’ve heard kids tell my kids “you’re bothering me” or  shout “get away from me” when my kids aren’t even playing near them. Or better yet, I’ve seen kids tell my kids “no, you can’t walk on the bridge. It’s my bridge.” Come again? Listen here Johny, that little bridge you’re blocking belongs to the city, so scram.

You might be thinking, well where are the parents? Sadly, staring at their phones probably scrolling through instagram. Or engaged in an adult conversation because they really scheduled a playdate so they could catch up with their friends.

Is it my responsibility to tell you your child is acting like a total bufoon?

Nope. Should I have to come and tell you that your kid doesn’t want to take turns on the rockwall? That’s another no. Unless your kid knows how to act right, watch your damn kid.

kids at the park

First of all, my kids aren’t angels, but they certainly aren’t rude to other kids.

WHY? Because I’ll tolerate tantrums over rudeness any day of the week. If I see my kids taking too long on the monkey bars or the slide, I tell them to “shake a leg.” I’m trying to teach them about respect and being courteous. Again, my kids aren’t perfect, quite the contrary. Believe me, they can be complete turds at home. But when we’re in public, I expect you to act right and have manners- somewhat at least. They’re still toddlers.

Maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s right. Maybe I shouldn’t interfere.

Maybe I should just stay out of it. They’re just kids right? But as parents, we’re the protectors. And I can’t sit by and watch my children be mistreated- even if it is by another 3-year-old. Once my kids are a little older and I can teach them to stand up for themselves, I think I’ll feel more comfortable staying out of it. But until that day comes, if your kid is hogging the big swirly slide, expect to hear from me. Like I said, I’m that mom.



  1. November 8, 2018 / 9:02 pm

    Lol!! Loved every minute of this post!! And I can totally relate. Kids can be cruel and like you said until they are able to stand up for themselves we as parents have to protect them. Love your blog, keep the posts coming!:) And the first pic is everything!lol

    • November 15, 2018 / 8:22 am

      Thank you so much girl!!! I always appreciate the love and kind words. But it’s true right? So hard to watch your kids be mistreated. The mama bear in all of us just comes out lol. And that pic is actually so old. I think Landi was like 6 or 7 months!!!

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