Getting Preschool Ready With Chuckle & Roar

The time has finally come and preschool is upon us. I never thought this day would come but it’s time to get preschool ready.

So the big kids are starting preschool next week and if you know me, preparation is pretty much my middle name. No matter what I do, where I go, I’m always prepared. And that’s no different for the kids starting preschool. It was a little bit of a last minute decision but I ended up stumbling across an affordable program. And as soon as I gave the go ahead and said “let’s sign them up,” I immediately began thinking what do I need to do?

Because I’m a SAHM, my kids are constantly with me and are used to doing things our way.

And since they’ll be spending some time away from me a couple days a week, I thought it was a good idea to come up with a list of things we could do at home to (somewhat) prepare them for preschool and get in the right mindset.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about kids, it’s that if you make something into a game, they’re much more inclined to give it a try. Who doesn’t want to have fun, right?

I’m going to give you a little backstory here.

A couple weeks ago when I started telling Kensie about school, she wasn’t very thrilled. In fact, she was a little iffy and even told me it sounded boring. Clearly I wasn’t selling it enough and presenting it in a fun manner. Because preschool should be fun. Learning new things. Making new friends. Getting to act like a big kid with your backpack and bringing your cute little lunchbox with you to school. These are acts that your kid is growing up and becoming an independent person. This is something to celebrate and something both you and your child should be pumped about.

Ok, back to preschool preparation 101. I thought what better way to to get them excited for school then with a trip to Target (yes, even my kids love Target) to pick out some educational games and puzzles. I’m not usually one to let my kids go crazy when it comes to shopping, but in the spirit of education, they both were allowed to pick a few games/puzzles each. We chose to go with the Chuckle & Roar brand which is fairly new and has a variety to choose from.

For those who don’t know, Chuckle & Roar is a line of puzzles and learning activities available at Target and their main goal is to make learning fun and affordable. You had at me at affordable. The kids were so excited, they could barely choose with ones they wanted. The cool thing about this brand is that it categorizes each activity by age and then by the type of game. They offer board games, card games, puzzles, travel games, just to name a few. Of course the items we chose were geared more toward what they will be learning in school.

In addition to the crazy fun Chuckle & Roar games, there’s also some other things I’ve been implementing at home for extra preparation. Yes, extra because a little extra never hurt anyone!

  • Designating specific time in the morning, afternoon,  and evening for book time. We’ve been visiting the library weekly to pick out new books but we’re still reading our favorites.
  • Much less screen time. This is a no-brainer and we all know screen time isn’t beneficial for our children, but usually I rely on this for meals so I can get meals prepared and dishes cleaned. However, I’ve been leaving the television off and either playing classical music (the kids oddly love it) or just letting them talk amongst each other.
  • We’ve been working on discipline in a different way lately. Normally, I’ll give a few warnings before we take a walk to time-out, but not anymore. One warning is given (I ask them politely to refrain from whatever they’re doing that I dislike) and if they choose to repeat the action, time-out it is. End of discussion.
  • Art time is becoming the favorite time of the day. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not crazy about play-doh and markers because they can be messy, however, I’ve been letting the kids have it and really allow their little brains to just create.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think you can 100% prepare your child for preschool because it’s a new experience. Are there things you can do differently in your daily routine that will your help your children? Of course! So get on it and get to work!


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