How to Potty Train in a Weekend

Before you say or think, no this isn’t possible. It’s not possible to potty train in a weekend and I’m here to say yes, yes it is. Because I’ve done it. With all three of my children.

Potty training. These have become 2 of my favorite words. Put together of course. And why is that? Because potty training isn’t that bad. Yup, I said it.

Does hearing potty training make you flinch? Are you thinking ohhhh shit, no pun intended. Or does it seem like just another milestone to you? Nothing to stress about, just another thing to accomplish with your kid?

¬†Alright if you’ve ready Oh Crap Potty Training, you’ll see a lot of similarities in my approach because I swear by that book.

Time to get into the nitty gritty. That’s why you’re here, right? So let’s do it. Here are my tips, rules, whatever you want to call them, to potty train your toddler in a weekend.

Day 1

  1. Whether you choose to do this on a weekend or maybe during the week, set aside a couple days where you can be home and knock it out. I promise it’ll be worth it. Too many people I know potty train, while going about their normal routines. And guess what, those people are the ones who’s children either have frequent accidents or have a longer time becoming potty trained..
  2. Before you begin potty training, start talking to your child about it (preferably a week before). Whether it’s with a book or just explaining the process, let them know they’ll be getting potty trained soon which means giving up the diapers and wearing big kid underwear.
  3. The night before the big day, have one more last conversation. Make it a big deal, show your child the potty chair (or big potty) and underwear. Reiterate tomorrow they become a big kid and are going to learn to do something new. Hype it up peeps!
  4. The morning of, go about your normal routine but make it quick. Brush your teeth and eat breakfast quickly. As soon as you’re done, remove your child’s diaper and let them know it’s time to get potty trained. I recommend eating breakfast because no one can be expected to learn a new skill on an empty stomach.
  5. Make sure you have to keep your child over-hydrated. I’m not saying an 8oz glass of water every hour but the point is to have your child with a full bladder so they’re able to connect the feeling of needing to go with actually going quickly and a full bladder will do the trick.
  6. Whether you choose to put your child in underwear or go commando, you’re going to need to watch your child like never before. Do not take your eyes of your kid. Because I promise the moment you do, you’ll have an accident on the carpet. The reason you’re watching your child is for the look. You know, that glazed I gotta pee, I gotta poop look.
  7. When you see the look, you immediately rush them over to the potty. Have the potty in the living room so it’s near by. Even if they pee themselves and you get none or maybe a few drops into potty, that’s ok. It might take a few trys for them to connect these two things, but it will come. It might even take the 1st day to connect the dots but from my experience, if you’re watching your child, it usually takes a few tries and they got it.
  8. All the while, I recommend every hour or so, telling your child it’s time to pee. DO NOT ASK, you TELL. You are going to use the potty now. Don’t be annoying, and nag do you have to pee?” “Do you have to pee?” Otherwise, they’re going to say no. Especially a toddler, they’re going to say no.
  9. Keep doing this throughout the day.
  10. Also, refrain from using any kind of pull-up or training underwear. They’re confusing for your child and will only drag out the learning process.

Day 2

  1. If you’ve been paying attention to your child’s cues, your child should be making it to the potty to do their business.
  2. Accidents might be happening, but now you’re instilling the process.
  3. At some point today, take your child for a walk or maybe a quick car-ride and see what happens. Bring along your portable potty. And make sure they go to the bathroom before you leave.

Day 3

  1. If you had your child not wearing underwear, it’s time to put those on.

Naps + Bedtime

  • Remind them to go to potty and place a diaper on them. For naps, let them know this is temporary because they are still learning. Usually after a week or two, they get the hang of it and diapers are not needed. You’ll know this after about a week of dry diapers.
  • For bedtime, this comes later. Holding your bladder for 10-12 hours is hardy, even for adults so a nighttime diaper will be needed until they’re able to keep dry the entire night.

Remember, this is a life skill. Also, every child is different. Some children pee every hour while others can wait 2-3 hours. Both are just fine but it’s important to stay focused on your child and keep the process enjoyable and straightforward.

But this is it. This is how you potty train your child in a weekend. Does this seem basic to you? Well good, because it is. It’s not a scary, daunting process. If your kid is ready, it should be totally achievable.


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