Is Halloween 2020 Cancelled? NOPE

Halloween is a big deal in our family.

Like most kids, my kids love dressing up and trick-or-treating. And of course binging on candy. Exaggerating of course- what kind of mother do you think I am? If you got that Mean Girl reference, we can officially be best friends.

But you know what’s even more unique about Halloween 2020, is that it’s on a Saturday this year and we’re still battling a pandemic. So what’s a family to do? Carry on, that’s what. And I’m not talking about trick-or-treating. No shade if that’s your plan this year, but I simply don’t feel comfortable doing so (especially since my children are so young and I’d rather enjoy the evening care-free, than being a neurotic germaphobe).

My plan is simple. Halloween part-TAY (covid-style).

Ok, maybe not simple. What’s simple about planning a party when you’re a mom? Absolutely nothing. But as a parent, it’s my responsibility to provide a fun alternative since the kiddos will be experiencing Halloween a little different this year. We’re having a small get-together with my parents and some family (our covid pod). But we’ll definitely be doing some other fun things to make the night memorable.

Here are some ideas to spruce up your Halloween:

  • DIY Costumes – DIYing costumes has been our go-to the last couple years and the kids love it. Finding the perfect family costume and taking the time to create and bring it to life (no pun intended). It’s a cool experience to get dressed on Halloween and know that you made it. Also, costumes bought at the store are always made from yucky polyester and super itchy. Just saying. Oh, and it’s cheaper!
  • Movie Night– You kinda can’t go wrong with this one. Whether your children are young or old, a good ole fashion movie night is always a hit. Maybe buy a small popcorn machine (I have one that I got 7 years ago from a drugstore that was around $20) and just pick up different candies to mix in. Make a little candy bar. Who wouldn’t love that?
  • Family Game Night – Hello Pinterest. Let’s be real, Pinterest has all sorts of games and ideas for Halloween. I even bought a Pin-The-Tail on the Zombie game at Target (I think it was in the dollar section). Or even bust out the board games. It’s all fun!
  • Campout – In the backyard or living room and tell spooky stories. My kids aren’t quiet old enough yet but if they were, we’d so do this. Old enough for the campout, but for the scary stories.
  • Halloween Party (with a Piñata) – So like I mentioned above, this year we’re having a small party for our family. Nothing too wild, but we’re obviously dressing up and the menu will have a Halloween twist. Again, Pinterest is your friend for inspo. We’re also having a Piñata elevates any party.

I think the biggest take away is that yes, this will be VERY different.

But that doesn’t mean we need to compromise the level of fun. I’m always up for a challenge and thinking outside the box. I don’t mind it. But you know what, even if that’s not your thing you owe it to your kids. Show them that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and you still pick up the slack and make it work. Because as adults we can agree that life NEVER goes as planned. And even though we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a damn good time this Halloween. Because who knows when Halloween will fall on a Saturday again? Actually I do, it’s 2026 but that’s six years away people.


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